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So sam n me (jenna, for those who don't know my new username) headed out to caz to look at the creeks and picked up nick along the way. we got to caz when it was kinda dark out so i couldnt take decent pics, so hopefulyl shelby and i get up there during daylight hours this weekend and take better pics.

all 3 of us forgot they were digging up the shell... my god, its a mess up there. the benches were all pushed to the sides, and the shell floor area was dug out, some cement had been poured, the two side walls were gone, and the back wall was semi-gone. like every other board was missing on just the front wall, but you could see right through to the back. it was freaky... seriously. so if we go back im so grabbing a piece of shell to keep forever and ever. haha. im so sentimental.

the creek was high, duh, but not crazy high. we actually saw the water line of where its reached which was about a foot or so below being level with the softball field. so the water came up damn high when it was raining before.

so if we go this weekend i will try and put up pics of the shell and what it looks like as of right now. ok hope you all have a fun and safe new years!
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Omfg I totally forgot about that! Noooooo! Our shell. ;__; TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES!
heh. if i get up there ill take as many as i can. i should take orders for people who want some shell... extra for the bolts. :-)
aww i wish i could come with you girlies!!! i'm not home till jan 5 though. WAIT ANOTHER WEEKEND!!! naw, whatever, I can go up there later. give us another update. oh yes and bring back shell!! weeeeeeee caz artifacts!!!
hahahahahaha, you crack me up emily! well i would wait another weekend but i leave jan 8th. but if you head out here on the 6th or 7th, it might be doable. and i shall grab you Caz shell... i'll try to find something that looks like it was something and not just wood. haha. maybe i can find the doors to the back... im gonna miss those wooden doors, it was so, rustic.