jazzitup85 (jazzitup85) wrote in cazpac_junkies,

Caz Pics... YAY!

Coolest staff photo EVER!

hahah, emily... it looks like youre hold sarahs hand, ok well you kinda are i guess. was there something going on that i dont know about? hehe, juuuuust kidding.

and this years buddy pic as well...

awww, dont we look cuuuute?
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yeah i held sarah's hand a lot. is that bad? i like it. it's soft.

the staff picture is on my dorm wall. YAY!! it's totally the best ever!
have to say... that that was the FIRST time i was not in your buddy pic in forever... damn me and my death scare that day
thaaaaats right. i was trying to figure out why you werent in the staff picture. now i remember. yeah i was hella mad, cause you, fran, and sam were ALL gone that day. so like 3 out of the 4 who were supposed to be in my buddy pic were gone. but the pic came out good and i like it, but it just sucks you guys couldnt be there.