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Idea Part 2

ok after talking with shelby we came up with this:

-Doing one book would be hard, cause there would prolly be like 15 people who did anything in there.

-Could do one for each part of camp (girls counseling, boys counseling, all three "crews", MIs, faculty) and then compile them all at the end of summer. i dont think everyone would be involved, but maybe they would. like i told shelby, i think the guys would have like one page and say things like "i just took a fat crap" or "i farted on chris' face". the girls would prolly do more.

-Could do it where just individuals do it... like certain cliques. so it could be more private, and it wouldnt be so organized. (just to make sure, this isnt like a hardcopy version of LJ, you wouldnt write like pages at a time, and no venting). its supposed to be fun, so... if lik emily1 wrote "hi emily2!" then emily 2 could write next to it "hi emily1!"... just fun stuff.

-then we came up with the Yearbook.

--Take head shots of all the staff (this way everyone is involved) and write a lil blurb about them: name, age, instrument (if applicable), what they do outside of camp, school, work, etc and random other fun facts and info.

--Each unit in each session would get their picture taken and get their own page. they can design it however they want, sign their names, put their unit name, write their favorite activity, etc.

--Take pics of different parts of camp... girls counseling, boys counseling, k-crew (since the crew itself changes every week, the individual headshots would mean everyones in there if they arent in the group photo), u-crew, o-crew, MIs and faculty... each get their own page and write things about the job and what they liked or whatever... just like the clubs and sports did in high school yearbooks.

--The elective groups (sports, nature, swimming, supervised practice, conducting, stomp, etc) each get their pic taken, but we'd ask them what they liked about their elective and what they did, then we'd write it in, because they already get a chance to in their units.

--Could even have clique pages... remember in high school those best friend pages... for a small fee you and your clique will get thier own page. haha no, jk. we'd do it for free. so like, the Emilys could have a page (you guys are very easy to use for examples, hehe)

--Autograph pages

--Try to add the group photos from each session and the crazy staff one.

--basically its the slideshow only less pics, but much more intimate and fun.

--oo, could maybe even try to sell it to the kids. dont know how that would work tho. cause scrapbooks are larger, and it couldnt be all in color. unless somehow we got with like jostens and did a real one... but theres no way that would work. (it would be pretty small tho. like the size of the ones from elementary school that were $10, but those were all black and white...hmmmm)

Only thing would be hard to get this out to everyone... so maybe just one would suffice. then at the end of the summer we have this book of everyone, staff and campers, from Caz, Summer 2005. it could be used for promotions and whatnot for the rich people to give us money. but it would be lots of fun to look back on next year... or like the young campers when theyre in HS session or on staff they can look back at the pics and see who was in their unit, etc.

and then maybe do the slam/journal/quote books just for fun, and keep it private. cause you know theyd get inappropriate. but still no being mean. wouldnt want it falling into the wrong hands (i.e. a CAMPER or a parent). can still pitch the idea to all of staff, like if they wanted to write in one... but i think the inside jokes would be weird cause not everyone would understand, and people could take them the wrong way, and we wouldnt want people getting in trouble. cause then it would have to stop, and i woudlnt want to be reading everyting every night to grab a sharpie and scratch out the mean stuff. so maybe just letting the people on here know about it, and we can start one... then mention it to the boys staff and kinda spread the word to people who would actually be involved, but no like formal announcement. this way people choose to do it on their own, and its not a big deal.

but the Yearbook (or maybe Summerbook?) would be organized and everyone for sure involved.

ok, now for more opinions. i know these entries were long! sorry! it would be fun to have one in the girls camp area tho, cause since the new unit is being built in family camp, that means all staff in jensen dorm, so more could be involved. then the girls staff in family camp will prolly be over at times and they can write in it too.

if we got several going in areas of camp it would be fun to see who could write in all of them.. considering thered be one in boys camp and one in girls camp. so it would take some stealth work to sign in them all... haha, kinda sounds like capture the flag only with quote books. oo, that could be fun. see what the guys are writing in theirs (if they did). then theyd be trying to see whats in ours.

need a better name for it... any ideas? cause a journal sounds like theres supposed to be a lot of writing, quote book seems like quotes only, and slam book is supposed to be full of slams, being mean to people. so think of a title people! could be something totally long and silly.

ok enough with the ideas... STOP THINKING BRAIN!!! NOW!

damn, i wish someone came up with this when i was a camper. i dont remember everyone who was in my unit, and i remember like one and a half unit names (99 was reeeeaaally long, something about psychadelic chicks). i woulda loved to look back at all the staff. bigger pictures than the 5mm heads in the group photo.

ok, no more writing from me. i thank you for those who made it through both of these!
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