britneyrocks03 (britneyrocks03) wrote in cazpac_junkies,


Hey all my fellow Cazzies. I'm heading up to Cazadizzle in the morning to help begin beautifying it before all you wonderful people get up there. :-) (I will be joined by Krieger tomorrow and Greg Hansen on Monday, that's all i know of for now). See everyone in less than a week!

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Can't wait to see all of you!! :)
You, me and amy are rooming together again. We're in dorm 36, Jeanette in 37. :-)
lol it's so funny that I always end up rooming w/ Amy.

That's exciting though, I've never roomed with you before! Ohhhh you will regret it... haha j/k I promise. See you guys tomorrow!!
hey, dumbass. you roomed with me last year! hello! like high school session,maybe Jr high. loser, you forgot.

and we need to work out this "the room smells like burning hair" issue. hahahah
No I didn't!! I have no memory of that, I think you're crazy!

And here's how we work it out. Invest in some nose plugs? hahaha j/k :P
are you serious about not remembering?! you and amy moved down to my tent so you wouldnt have ants and more than 10 stairs, and the younger k crew girls got that tent. ringing a bell?!

Yes I do remember that. :P Wow. I never realized how shot to hell my memory actually WAS until now!! hahaha