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Sunday, February 25th, 2007

Posted by:ilovethecube.
Time:10:36 pm.
Is it too early for the "who's applying?" entry?

If so, kindly ignore this.

If not, comment away.

Theres been posts on facebook and myspace, but not with much response. I just though we should have one on here. Because lj is way cooler.

I had my interview/audition yesterday. It was ok.
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Sunday, December 31st, 2006

Posted by:ilovethecube.
Time:3:55 pm.
"The following message is from Bob Lutt. He wishes that this message be passed on however you're able to, it's about this summer and he wants as many people to know about it as possible!

December 2006

Dear Former Campers and Staff of Cazadero, Mendocino and Meadowood Music Camps:

Next year (2007), the above summer programs will celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the inception of Cazadero Music Camp in the Sonoma County Redwood in 1957.

Thousands of young musicians and staff have fond memories of the music, the sports activities, making life long friends and the magic of living among giant ancient redwoods.

I am eager to join with the campers, staff and conductors to celebrate our 50th year. At this date, two major reunion events are being planned.

1. A Gala evening of dining, a live and silent auction and the opportunity to renew old friendships and support the present “Caz” programs. At H’s Lordships on the Berkeley Marina on March 31. 2007 at 6:00 PM.

2. A major reunion at Cazadero Music Camp on July 22nd, 2007.

For detailed information for the events please:
check-out the Cazadero website at www.cazadero.org
Contact Kate Berenson at: Kate@cazadero.org or
call the Music Camp office at 510 527-7500.

It will be a great pleasure to get together with many former camp participants during the 2007 events. Tell your friends and please plan to join us at one or more reunions and events !

Happy Holidays and a Fabulous Reunion New Year – 2007

Cordially yours,

Bob Lutt

Bob Lutt – Founder/Trustee"
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Sunday, November 5th, 2006

Subject:Caz people, you'll want to read this...
Posted by:britneyrocks03.
Time:9:58 pm.
Caz people read... Some of you may not remember, but if you do, just read.  I googled kent to see what i could come up with and this was a few links down...


Patricia McAtee Stewart February 5, 1950 - October 11, 2006 Age 56, of Lahaina, Maui, HI, passed beyond this world peacefully on the lanai of her home under the care of hospice following a two month hospitalization. Patty was a thoughtful and talented writer, with published articles focusing on enjoyable dialysis nutrition, travel for persons with disabilities, overcoming depression, and the crucial role of the patient in the dialysis care team. She had been a hemodialysis patient for 24 years. Having visited Maui 13 times while co-directing Cazadero Perfoming Arts Camp near the Russian River until 2000, she and her husband realized their dream to make Maui home in 2001. She became actively involved on Maui, serving as a trustee of the Maui Historical Society, a member of the Waiola Church choir, and the Maui County Commission for Persons With Disabilities. Born in San Francisco, and raised in Burlingame, she was a ranked juniors tennis player and leader in Burlingame HS. She graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, with a degree in Criminology, and while a Cal student, co-chaired the Cal-in-the-Capital summer internship program in Washington, DC, served as president of Alpha Phi sorority, and was named to several societies recognizing top student leaders on campus. After graduation, she worked for Cal-Farm Insurance in Berkeley, then became a systems analyst with the National Clearinghouse for Criminal Justice Information Systems in SEARCH Group, Inc., within which she rose to become manager of the Clearinghouse program. She left SGI to join PriceWaterhouseCoopers as a systems analyst, continuing her work as interface between clients and technical designers. She lived two distinct lives, each separated by a 53-week hospitalization at Peninsula Hospital in 1982-83, from which she emerged with fewer physical assets but a depth of wisdom and perception equaled by few. She set and achieved many goals, including a two-year, 67,000 mile trip with her husband around the Mainland US and Canada dialyzing in their motor home. She was buried in the historic cemetery of Waiola Church in Lahaina, and is survived by her husband of 21 years, D. Kent Stewart of Lahaina, HI; a brother, Scott Ian McAtee of Simi Valley, CA; and her first husband, Jeffrey Cook, of Sacramento, CA. A celebration of her life will take place at The Faculty Club, UC Berkeley, Friday, November 3, at 5:00 pm. In lieu of flowers, her family invites donations to Waiola Church, PO Box 455, Lahaina, HI 96767, or to the Maui Chapter of the National Kidney Foundation, 2200 W Main St., Ste. 310, Wailuku, HI 96793.
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Sunday, June 11th, 2006

Posted by:britneyrocks03.
Time:12:36 am.
Hey all my fellow Cazzies. I'm heading up to Cazadizzle in the morning to help begin beautifying it before all you wonderful people get up there. :-) (I will be joined by Krieger tomorrow and Greg Hansen on Monday, that's all i know of for now). See everyone in less than a week!

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Thursday, June 8th, 2006

Posted by:pinkeeauraee.
Time:12:48 am.
Mood: cheerful.
This is very important. there's one dance middle school, 2 junior high, and 2 high school. thus:

1. Cowboy/Pirate
2. Halloween
3. Nerd
4. Celebrity/rock star
5. Prom

quetions/comments/concerns? FYI, cross dressing was vetoed.

is anyone excited?

PS does someone have any idea how to make the pep band any less awful? haha
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Monday, April 10th, 2006

Posted by:trumpet_rocker.
Time:10:44 pm.
I think its about time to make a cohesive staff '06 list.


Evie (jh hs)
jenna (ym)
alicia (?) That's a lot of counselors

jack kent
jesse (jh hs)
kyle (jh)

Emily 2
Kari (hs)
GAbby (jh hs)

Andrew Barnhart
JEstin Lewis

and Jeanette!!!


Joe (?)

heather as Manager
her slaves:
Katie Shimer
Amy O'hanlon
Katherine Dwyer (?)

u Crew:

prep cook:
Nick Nagy


K Crew:
Amy Rice
Jane (?)
Dylan (??)

STage Manager:

who else? Add!!!!
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Thursday, January 26th, 2006

Subject:Who wants to buy Caz?
Posted by:britneyrocks03.
Time:11:18 pm.
So... Caz is up for sale... and the Bohan's are moving to Vermont.


Try read... interesting.
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Sunday, January 22nd, 2006

Subject:once a caz dork, always a caz dork
Posted by:pinkeeauraee.
Time:1:48 am.
Mood: beyond tired.
Image hosting by Photobucket

more pictures of muddy caz and the lack of shell. WEIRD!!! <http://photobucket.com/albums/y9/emyfl/winter%20caz%20jan06/>
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Saturday, December 31st, 2005

Subject:More Floodage Update
Posted by:britneyrocks03.
Time:5:02 pm.
Ok, so all you Cazzies and SoCo people, you should know where i'm talking about.

Ok, so yer heading into Guerneville, yer on River Road... youre on the bend before Guerneville, theres the Napa Aut Parts store on the right (which used to be some other store with that crazy maniquen out front) and just past that theres a blue-grayish two-story building, and then yer at Guerneville... ya'll know what im talkin about? yeah? ok, cool... yeah that part of river road is under water. its about 2 feet or so. ya'll know the midway car ash (aka midway car wash that was always missing the W) on the left right? yeah that area, they showed the river behind it and well, the river is now part of river road... or river road is now a temporary part of russian river.

yeah, so much for goin up and takin pics today.

i think there is a bias on the news. cause all the bay area news stations are saying "thank god for the next storm coming in and then moving south".... im sure all the news stations in SoCal are saying, "this storm is going to ruin the rose parade!"... so yay for us, but boo for them. but in turn, boo for me cause i'm going to LA tomorrow morning for 4 days! i dont want it to rain on me in the happiest place on earth and while im at the parade! dammit!

ok, have a happy and safe new years everyone!

oh, i also drove around RP and took some pics... there was lots of wate rin front of the snyder entrance to the community center, and acorss from it. the G section area on golf course right before gold ridge on the right side and mud EVERYWHERE. the systme musta backed up last night cause there was thiiiiick mud. and then some mudlisdes along petaluma hill, theres always a couple lil chunks before the rock quarry, but there was a big part that went a lil into the road. fun fun!
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Posted by:trumpet_rocker.
Time:1:32 pm.
Cassie and I just watched "American pie: Band Camp," and it was really bad but WE SAW AARON!! He was definetly rocking out on the shaker and the tambourine. You can see him in the background when they're drinking the spiked slushie. Yay for bandies being in movies!
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Thursday, December 29th, 2005

Posted by:britneyrocks03.
Time:10:36 pm.
So sam n me (jenna, for those who don't know my new username) headed out to caz to look at the creeks and picked up nick along the way. we got to caz when it was kinda dark out so i couldnt take decent pics, so hopefulyl shelby and i get up there during daylight hours this weekend and take better pics.

all 3 of us forgot they were digging up the shell... my god, its a mess up there. the benches were all pushed to the sides, and the shell floor area was dug out, some cement had been poured, the two side walls were gone, and the back wall was semi-gone. like every other board was missing on just the front wall, but you could see right through to the back. it was freaky... seriously. so if we go back im so grabbing a piece of shell to keep forever and ever. haha. im so sentimental.

the creek was high, duh, but not crazy high. we actually saw the water line of where its reached which was about a foot or so below being level with the softball field. so the water came up damn high when it was raining before.

so if we go this weekend i will try and put up pics of the shell and what it looks like as of right now. ok hope you all have a fun and safe new years!
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Monday, September 19th, 2005

Subject:Caz Pics... YAY!
Posted by:jazzitup85.
Time:2:38 pm.
Coolest staff photo EVER!

hahah, emily... it looks like youre hold sarahs hand, ok well you kinda are i guess. was there something going on that i dont know about? hehe, juuuuust kidding.

and this years buddy pic as well...

awww, dont we look cuuuute?
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Tuesday, August 9th, 2005

Subject:pictures to enjoy
Posted by:pinkeeauraee.
Time:2:59 am.
Mood: sleepy.

oh, and i have gabby's wifebeater and somebody's little booklight gift. it was in my purse somehow. is anyone missing one? i'm pretty sure everything else i came home with is mine.

i must say, this summer was unbelievable. thanks to everyone for making the experience absolutely unforgettable.

hey, let's do it again next year!
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Monday, July 11th, 2005

Posted by:pinkeeauraee.
Time:1:04 am.
Mood: cheerful.
hey cazzies. just incase anybody checks this before they leave tomorrow - dance themes are:
Junior High 1 - cowboy/hawaiian
Junior High 2 - halloween
High School 1 - cross dressing
High School 2 - Prom

sorry for the late notice.

also, look at these pictures


can't wait to see you all in the redwoods tomorrow!
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Thursday, June 16th, 2005

Posted by:pinkeeauraee.
Time:2:25 pm.
Mood: excited.
WE SHOULD PLAN TO HAVE THEMED DANCES THIS YEAR!!! just within staff since we can't notify campers, but like hawaiian, prom, cowboy, drag, retro, salsa or something. what do you think?
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Saturday, June 11th, 2005

Posted by:jazzitup85.
Time:12:48 am.
Go to caz technically tomorrow!! ahhhhhhhhh!

is anything packed yet?

hell, frickin, no.
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Saturday, June 4th, 2005

Posted by:trumpet_rocker.
Time:7:33 pm.
The Count Down Begins:

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Tuesday, May 10th, 2005

Subject:Idea Part 2
Posted by:jazzitup85.
Time:11:36 pm.
Mood: contemplative.
ok after talking with shelby we came up with this:

-Doing one book would be hard, cause there would prolly be like 15 people who did anything in there.

-Could do one for each part of camp (girls counseling, boys counseling, all three "crews", MIs, faculty) and then compile them all at the end of summer. i dont think everyone would be involved, but maybe they would. like i told shelby, i think the guys would have like one page and say things like "i just took a fat crap" or "i farted on chris' face". the girls would prolly do more.

-Could do it where just individuals do it... like certain cliques. so it could be more private, and it wouldnt be so organized. (just to make sure, this isnt like a hardcopy version of LJ, you wouldnt write like pages at a time, and no venting). its supposed to be fun, so... if lik emily1 wrote "hi emily2!" then emily 2 could write next to it "hi emily1!"... just fun stuff.

-then we came up with the Yearbook.

--Take head shots of all the staff (this way everyone is involved) and write a lil blurb about them: name, age, instrument (if applicable), what they do outside of camp, school, work, etc and random other fun facts and info.

--Each unit in each session would get their picture taken and get their own page. they can design it however they want, sign their names, put their unit name, write their favorite activity, etc.

--Take pics of different parts of camp... girls counseling, boys counseling, k-crew (since the crew itself changes every week, the individual headshots would mean everyones in there if they arent in the group photo), u-crew, o-crew, MIs and faculty... each get their own page and write things about the job and what they liked or whatever... just like the clubs and sports did in high school yearbooks.

--The elective groups (sports, nature, swimming, supervised practice, conducting, stomp, etc) each get their pic taken, but we'd ask them what they liked about their elective and what they did, then we'd write it in, because they already get a chance to in their units.

--Could even have clique pages... remember in high school those best friend pages... for a small fee you and your clique will get thier own page. haha no, jk. we'd do it for free. so like, the Emilys could have a page (you guys are very easy to use for examples, hehe)

--Autograph pages

--Try to add the group photos from each session and the crazy staff one.

--basically its the slideshow only less pics, but much more intimate and fun.

--oo, could maybe even try to sell it to the kids. dont know how that would work tho. cause scrapbooks are larger, and it couldnt be all in color. unless somehow we got with like jostens and did a real one... but theres no way that would work. (it would be pretty small tho. like the size of the ones from elementary school that were $10, but those were all black and white...hmmmm)

Only thing would be hard to get this out to everyone... so maybe just one would suffice. then at the end of the summer we have this book of everyone, staff and campers, from Caz, Summer 2005. it could be used for promotions and whatnot for the rich people to give us money. but it would be lots of fun to look back on next year... or like the young campers when theyre in HS session or on staff they can look back at the pics and see who was in their unit, etc.

and then maybe do the slam/journal/quote books just for fun, and keep it private. cause you know theyd get inappropriate. but still no being mean. wouldnt want it falling into the wrong hands (i.e. a CAMPER or a parent). can still pitch the idea to all of staff, like if they wanted to write in one... but i think the inside jokes would be weird cause not everyone would understand, and people could take them the wrong way, and we wouldnt want people getting in trouble. cause then it would have to stop, and i woudlnt want to be reading everyting every night to grab a sharpie and scratch out the mean stuff. so maybe just letting the people on here know about it, and we can start one... then mention it to the boys staff and kinda spread the word to people who would actually be involved, but no like formal announcement. this way people choose to do it on their own, and its not a big deal.

but the Yearbook (or maybe Summerbook?) would be organized and everyone for sure involved.

ok, now for more opinions. i know these entries were long! sorry! it would be fun to have one in the girls camp area tho, cause since the new unit is being built in family camp, that means all staff in jensen dorm, so more could be involved. then the girls staff in family camp will prolly be over at times and they can write in it too.

if we got several going in areas of camp it would be fun to see who could write in all of them.. considering thered be one in boys camp and one in girls camp. so it would take some stealth work to sign in them all... haha, kinda sounds like capture the flag only with quote books. oo, that could be fun. see what the guys are writing in theirs (if they did). then theyd be trying to see whats in ours.

need a better name for it... any ideas? cause a journal sounds like theres supposed to be a lot of writing, quote book seems like quotes only, and slam book is supposed to be full of slams, being mean to people. so think of a title people! could be something totally long and silly.

ok enough with the ideas... STOP THINKING BRAIN!!! NOW!

damn, i wish someone came up with this when i was a camper. i dont remember everyone who was in my unit, and i remember like one and a half unit names (99 was reeeeaaally long, something about psychadelic chicks). i woulda loved to look back at all the staff. bigger pictures than the 5mm heads in the group photo.

ok, no more writing from me. i thank you for those who made it through both of these!
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Subject:Idea.... opinions wanted
Posted by:jazzitup85.
Time:8:43 pm.
Mood: contemplative.
ok, a few weeks ago i was thinking about camp and for some reason "newsletter" popped into my mind. now, not the one the berkeley office sends out, but a fun one, just during camp. i then realized that Mazz does his one at the beginning of each session, but its more business then social/fun.

i was thinking it could involve things that went on during camp. now, i think every day would be a little toomuch, maybe even every other day. but maybe like every few days or end of each week. could have random interviews with people. there could be a k-crew, u-crew, and 0-crew section where they write about random things we dont know about that happened during the week. how evening activites went, what happened, how the concert went, etc etc.

then tonight, it evolved into "well what about a caz journal?". i started thinking slam book, then quote book, and the slam book from "Mean Girls" popped into my head. i realized not everyone would be into the newsletter (ie faculty... guess we could pass it out to campers too, its harmless), unless it was put in a central location like outside the dining hall or the office area. ok, back to the "slam" book. i started thinking that, only not in the mean way (i also started thinking giving eveyrone their own page and we try and get everyone to write something on everyones page, but that so wouldnt happen).

i thought of how jess has mentioned a quote book at work. so it could be this big book, with just empty white pages, left probably in the office, and everyone can write in it. any quotes the campers say, or other staffers. funny events, draw pictures, or take pictures (or print on regular paper) and put them in, write to each other, mention stupid/funny stuff that happened during work. but it would all have to be nice, no "so-and-so is a bitch" or "bob and henrietta were makin out in boys camp" or "this person did something so stupid/mean"... nothing that would get anyone in trouble. even if someones one of those peoples whos like "i dont care if they know what i said about them"... nothing mean! each page could be a different date, or just write wherever you want... maybe make certain rules like you have to sign your name (legibly) so we know who wrote it... (might make more sense when we read it to know who wrote it).

opinion time:

does anyone else think this would be cool? or am i just a complete nerd and had way to much time on my hands when i thought of this?

honest opinions now. i think it would be fun (as long as people got into it). especially to read at the end of the summer, or the following summer.

ok, thats it. aloha!

UPDATE: Read entry above this for better details...
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Monday, May 2nd, 2005

Posted by:pinkeeauraee.
Time:8:37 pm.
Mood: pleased.
HELL YEAH returning staff doesn't have to be at orientation until sunday!! maybe we won't have to do the personality test AGAIN
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