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More Floodage Update

Ok, so all you Cazzies and SoCo people, you should know where i'm talking about.

Ok, so yer heading into Guerneville, yer on River Road... youre on the bend before Guerneville, theres the Napa Aut Parts store on the right (which used to be some other store with that crazy maniquen out front) and just past that theres a blue-grayish two-story building, and then yer at Guerneville... ya'll know what im talkin about? yeah? ok, cool... yeah that part of river road is under water. its about 2 feet or so. ya'll know the midway car ash (aka midway car wash that was always missing the W) on the left right? yeah that area, they showed the river behind it and well, the river is now part of river road... or river road is now a temporary part of russian river.

yeah, so much for goin up and takin pics today.

i think there is a bias on the news. cause all the bay area news stations are saying "thank god for the next storm coming in and then moving south".... im sure all the news stations in SoCal are saying, "this storm is going to ruin the rose parade!"... so yay for us, but boo for them. but in turn, boo for me cause i'm going to LA tomorrow morning for 4 days! i dont want it to rain on me in the happiest place on earth and while im at the parade! dammit!

ok, have a happy and safe new years everyone!

oh, i also drove around RP and took some pics... there was lots of wate rin front of the snyder entrance to the community center, and acorss from it. the G section area on golf course right before gold ridge on the right side and mud EVERYWHERE. the systme musta backed up last night cause there was thiiiiick mud. and then some mudlisdes along petaluma hill, theres always a couple lil chunks before the rock quarry, but there was a big part that went a lil into the road. fun fun!
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