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Idea.... opinions wanted

ok, a few weeks ago i was thinking about camp and for some reason "newsletter" popped into my mind. now, not the one the berkeley office sends out, but a fun one, just during camp. i then realized that Mazz does his one at the beginning of each session, but its more business then social/fun.

i was thinking it could involve things that went on during camp. now, i think every day would be a little toomuch, maybe even every other day. but maybe like every few days or end of each week. could have random interviews with people. there could be a k-crew, u-crew, and 0-crew section where they write about random things we dont know about that happened during the week. how evening activites went, what happened, how the concert went, etc etc.

then tonight, it evolved into "well what about a caz journal?". i started thinking slam book, then quote book, and the slam book from "Mean Girls" popped into my head. i realized not everyone would be into the newsletter (ie faculty... guess we could pass it out to campers too, its harmless), unless it was put in a central location like outside the dining hall or the office area. ok, back to the "slam" book. i started thinking that, only not in the mean way (i also started thinking giving eveyrone their own page and we try and get everyone to write something on everyones page, but that so wouldnt happen).

i thought of how jess has mentioned a quote book at work. so it could be this big book, with just empty white pages, left probably in the office, and everyone can write in it. any quotes the campers say, or other staffers. funny events, draw pictures, or take pictures (or print on regular paper) and put them in, write to each other, mention stupid/funny stuff that happened during work. but it would all have to be nice, no "so-and-so is a bitch" or "bob and henrietta were makin out in boys camp" or "this person did something so stupid/mean"... nothing that would get anyone in trouble. even if someones one of those peoples whos like "i dont care if they know what i said about them"... nothing mean! each page could be a different date, or just write wherever you want... maybe make certain rules like you have to sign your name (legibly) so we know who wrote it... (might make more sense when we read it to know who wrote it).

opinion time:

does anyone else think this would be cool? or am i just a complete nerd and had way to much time on my hands when i thought of this?

honest opinions now. i think it would be fun (as long as people got into it). especially to read at the end of the summer, or the following summer.

ok, thats it. aloha!

UPDATE: Read entry above this for better details...
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